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I wasn't looking for a new head joint.  I have played the same flute for about ten years - it's a great instrument from one of the iconic Boston flute companies.  It came with a very nice head joint and I have no doubt that the head joint that came with it was the most compelling thing about it and ultimately a big part of the reason I selected my flute.  


Then I had the opportunity to try a couple of Wimberly head joints.  The thing that struck me first was how easily the low register played.  Initially I suspected that this might be simply one of those fluke timing things, meaning that perhaps on that day, without the benefit of a proper warm up that this head joint just 'worked'.  But then I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with it and it only got better.  The improvements didn't just come in the low register, my sound opened up in every register.  


The Wimberly head joint is also incredibly flexible and makes it possible to bend and shape notes with a level of expressiveness that I thought was exclusive domain of brass and saxophone players.  I've been playing the Wimberly head joint for about two years now and every so often I pull out my original head joint -just in case - and the Wimberly head joint blows it away, so to speak.


Brian McConnell, Professional Jazz Flutist, Halifax NS Canada

January 2013

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